Ways to Improve Your Business Visibility

Business Visibility

Despite running a business that’s on a budget you still can pump up your visibility and become one of the big players. The tactics we have singled out have proven to be great source of success for many so there is no reason it should be any different for you. So, here they are:

Business Visibility

1. Reward your customers

it’s a tough economy out there so you need to be aware that winning a new customer is pretty hard. For this reason, ‘investing’ in your current customers is a lower-cost alternative. After having created it, it is up to you to promote

a loyalty program that would reward your best customers. To keep your customers it is best to provide gifts within your own company, rather than from other vendors.

2. Interact through email

Communication through e mail is low-cost, high-return way to increase sales and enhance customer relationships. The key is to e-mail as often as twice monthly. Keep it simple and relevant and never send emails to customers who haven’t agreed to be receiving emails from you. Your goal is to become more visible not pushy. Know the difference.

3. Local paid search

Before going out and actually doing the shopping, Americans tend to do their research online, to get information where to buy stuff they need. Google and Yahoo! (and these are just 2 out of all the others) offer services for local advertisers. This means that you don’t have to own your personal website but you are still getting promotion.

4. PR through media

When do your PR yourself, you aren’t spending as much money as you would on regular PR services. The trick with do-it-yourself-PR is that you need to know exactly what you are doing and what your strategies are. This is what you should do.

1)    Adjust your stories to the needs of the individual media outlets on your list

2)    Send a pitch or a release letter. After you have, confirm by phone

3)    These initial contacts should be the basis for all future relationships with key members of the press

5. Spread the word

To get people talking about your product is maybe the best type of advertising. The best way to get people to talk about what you have on the market is to run a contest, bring together a group of “influencers” or stage an event. For example, if you are launching a new product, enroll several hundred people of your target audience to revise your product and give feedback. This way, you are not only interacting with customers, but as well involving people that will spread the word among their friends about your brand. Always have members receive information on new products first.

6. Public advertising

If you have the budget, public advertising is always a good idea. You can advertise your product through:

1)    Cinema (over 27,000 movie screens run advertisements)

2)    Billboards

3)    TV, Radio and Online Advertisements

4)      Magazines

Do research on what the best media for advertisement is and which will best pay off. It is highly unlikely that this type of advertising won’t be fruitful as visual advertising has shown to be most effective.

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This was a Guest Post by Diana Smith. Diana is a business blogger and a regular contributor to several marketing and business blogs. She is interested in topics related to business promotion and advertising.


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