4 Vape Flavors That Will Blow Your Mind


There are a lot of amazing E-liquid Tobacco flavors, also known as vape, e-cig, or e-juice flavors that have made rounds with both my friends and myself. As someone who smokes E-cigs a lot I’ve found myself being harder and harder to impress, but these following flavors really went out of their way to shine ahead of the packs, and delight my taste buds. So without further ado, I’ll tell you what the four best flavors are currently on the market.


1. E-Liquid Camel flavor

When I first took a puff of the E-Liquid Camel blend, I thought for a second someone had switched my Vaporizer for a real cig. It was that similar, I really enjoyed how the vape felt as I inhaled, and the flavor itself reminded me of the soft box camels I used to smoke before I quit. I actually used this flavor to kick the habit because the two flavors (between the Camel and real cigarettes) were nearly indistinguishable for me. I also enjoyed some of the other Tobacco flavored brands, but for pure nostalgia’s sake and the good it did me.

2. E-Liquid Peter Stuyvesant flavor

I found this flavor rather good, it had a straightforward flavor that is hard to explain ,but easy to appreciate. My personal favorite are of course the Camel flavor, but this one was a hard contender, it had an easy draw especially for the amount of nicotine in them, and the flavors were for a lack of a better word very “natural” it was a good mellow smoke that I found immensely enjoyable.

3. E-Liquid Pall Mall flavor

I have to say, when I first tried this E-liquid tobacco flavors, I immediately loved it, it was a h2 contender for best. It really does have the same sensation as smoking a Pall Mall cigarette, and I found the throat hit was amazing especially for the 6mg I normally smoke. It definitely blew my mind and is one of the four flavors that I will always go back too when I want to try something different.

4. E-Liquid Lucky Strike flavor

This is the cigarette that reminds me of America, it tastes exactly like a lucky strike, which has always had a distinct “toasty nutty” flavor that reminded me of corn, (if corn tasted nutty.) A friend of mine had described it as “inhaling pipe tobacco, but in a good way!” and it’s really hard to disagree. The taste is extremely pleasant and that’s why its number one my list. It’s just that good!

Honorable Mention E-Liquid Dunhill flavor

The Dunhill E-liquid flavor reminded me a lot of the original Dunhill cigarettes, it was really smooth and mild, but the Dunhill’s Tangy Chestnut and sweet caramel after taste reminded me more of a clove blend then a tobacco one. It’s the kind of vape I would have with my Starbucks in the morning, or my whiskey at night, but the flavor profile was really to different to include with the rest of the tobacco flavors I mentioned.

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