Trust and Mutual Understanding: The Key to Successful Relationship

successful relationship

Trust and mutual understanding are the two basic factors which go hand in hand towards the success of any kind of relationship. If trust is lost, then it is sure that there was lack of mutual understanding between two or more people.Human errors are usual and mutual understanding is a thread which keeps a relation moving.

successful relationship

Building a Strong Relations

Mutual understanding helps two people to forge a bond and an unseen camaraderie between them. And without trust the strong bond will never grow.In any kind of relation: may it be family relation, relation between a man and a woman or a relation between an employee and employer, everywhere these two words are inexplicably important.Trust is something which cannot be built within a fraction of second or within one day.  It takes months and eons to get into the mind of a person and acquire his/her trust. Same is the principal with mutual understanding. In both of these elements, there should be interaction between the partners. An open interaction with partners helps to build strong relation. It involves a degree of vulnerability as you share personal details of your life with your partner and it’s deepened and confirmed when you adhere to the limits of the relationship. When you really extend your trust to your partner, it literally means that you do not have a place for doubt about that person in your mind. To put it simple, you never doubt the honesty of the other person.

MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING – Inexplicably Important Between Two Person

A relationship becomes worthless without trust and mutual understanding. Mutual understanding comes when two people start understanding each other and behave in the way that is mutually accepted by both. For example, when a wife falls sick and husband takes care of her and whole family could be considered as a kind of mutual understanding between the both. The husband knows that wife is not well and needs to be taken care in a proper way. Another example: Imagine you are an employee in an organization and there was a call scheduled and you were to attend the same. But due to some or the other reason, you couldn’t attend the call and instead you requested your co employer to attend it. That becomes a mutual understanding between you and your coworker. Your good and healthy understanding with the colleague made him understand that you are in a helpless situation and was ready to help you.

TRUST – Building block to a Long-Lasting Connection

In a way trust stands much more important in a relation. Cheating and lying breaks a relation and in turn can create problems. Trust once broken cannot be retrieved, or may be to put this way, once the thread of trust is broken, it becomes hard to rejoin again. Trust is the foundation of a relationship and if you cannot trust each other, there is no question of love. A relationship begins with trust and it is the building block to a long-lasting connection. To build trust and mutual understanding, one should speak truth and open up with your partner. Hiding things from the one who loves you is never going to help you in building a strong relation. Trust and mutual understanding are like the basic foundation of a relation without which one cannot gain a better life. So be trustworthy and understand mutually and lead a better life ahead.

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