Ladies Tattoo

Are you looking for the ideal tattoo design to match you as a lady? Well, it is only normal that ladies tend to cling to sexy fashion hence they prefer tattoo designs in that line. The problem is that it might prove confusing to come up with the right selection of a tattoo design. This is with regard to the wide variety of designs in existence currently. Note that tattoo art is a diverse field and there will always be new designs emerging often.

Ladies Tattoo

Ideas about Tattoo

The idea here is to select tattoos with regard to ones interests. It is certain that every person has his/her own preference and taste which can play the primary guide towards choosing right tattoos. If need be, it will be a great idea to seek reference from different credible sources on some of the best matches for women. You can opt to seek a professional’s hand or even read a lot of literature in the respective field. The good thing is that almost every person can access the internet today, which happens to be a rich source of information about tattoos.

Common Tattoo Design

That said, it will be best if went through some of the common tattoo designs that go perfectly with women. Remember, women love going sexy hence the designs will greatly revolve around that niche. The first idea is to form sexy tattoo designs on either of your feet. A tattoo design formed on the feet is considered fashionable and more so sexy. This is because it will be hidden most of the time and revealed during intimacy or special moments.

Flower Tattoo

One of the outstanding foot tattoo design is a flower. They are always considered beautiful and adorable. It is also obvious that most ladies love being associated with flowers. In this regard, you can opt for a flower tattoo design. The advantage is that you can choose from a wide variety of such tattoos. However, the ideal flower is one that has vines which can wrap around your foot.

Star Tattoo

A star tattoo come as yet another sexy fashion for ladies. A star tattoo can be placed anywhere in the body provided it remains hidden. Remember our key focus is to bring out the element of intimacy and sexy look. You can opt to have it placed on either your feet or slightly above your breast. Not to forget, you have the privilege to choose different star designs. You can go for a single or multiple star tattoos. The arrangement of the stars can also vary.

Lower Back Tattoo

A lower back tattoo design will also work ideally for ladies. When it comes to these types of tattoos, you have a diverse selection. Tattoo art features a great deal of designs in this regard. However, broad and big tattoos always go best with ladies’ lower back.

Quotes Tattoo

If you love quotes and sayings, then this can also work best as a tattoo design. You can decide to have your favorite saying or quote placed either on your arm or even your lower back. You can also decide to have it written in any language.

The author is a professional beauty consultant and a tattoo designer. He is completely familiar with this field having used a tattoo machine for a remarkably long time.


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