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Honeyteering is the brilliant opportunity for the newlywed couples what wants to start their marriage life, not only more memorable, but also productive. You can now go on your honeymoon trip, get to know your spouse better and also involve yourself in the volunteer activities that will make your trip extraordinary. The concept of honeyteering is very innovative as it provides a chance for the newly married couples to take part in the social activities. It is a very interesting concept through which a married couple can experience something new during their honeymoon trip.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has launched a unique honeyteering program, in which newly married couples get the opportunity to travel to Thailand during their honeymoon trip along with performing few local, cultural, environmental and educational activities. Thailand is a very beautiful country with plenty of tourist spots, which can be explored during this honeyteering trip. We provide an opportunity to make the first trip with your love more interesting.

How to get registered for the honeyteering trip:

  • Select the honeyteering trip.
  • Complete your profile there and write an attractive message so that you are able to get more hearts.
  • Promote the page using social media and emails with your friends and ask them to give more hearts to your page.

The top 4 couples with the maximum number of hearts will get the opportunity to experience an exciting honeyteering trip to Thailand. The trip will be for 7 days in Thailand and the tourism board will provide 6 nights stay in the luxury hotels. You will get to experience Thailand in utmost comfort and opulence. The airfare for your journey, to the meals that you will have while you are in Thailand will be paid for by the tourism board. Various volunteering activities have been made available and you can choose any of these activities which you wish to become a part of.


During the trip the newly wedded couples will be rewarded by a photo shoot with the professional portrait photographers to make their wonderful honeyteering trip memorable. They will also be provided the transportation facilities for the entire duration of their stay in the country. The entry for the marvelous tour is open till 10th May, 2014. So, hurry up and register now for the trip before time runs out.


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