Notices for Shopping Solid Wood Furniture

Solid Wood Furniture

Identify whether the furniture is made of solid wood, or which part is made of wood and which part is artificial board. The secret to check whether it is solid wood furniture is wood grain and knurr. Take a cabinet door as example: if the grain on the front and back side of it is the same, then the cabinet is made of solid wood.

Solid Wood Furniture

The tree species directly decide the price and quality of solid wood furniture. Common solid wood furniture is often made of beech, white oak, fraxinus mandschurica, elm, Chinese catalpa, rubber wood, Mongolica. And rare redwood furniture is made of rosewood, wenge, padauk.

Check the quality of the wood. Open the cabinet door and drawer of furniture to observe whether the wood is dry and in white color, the grain is compact and smooth. There should be no pungent smell for furniture made of chipboard, medium density fiberboard, molding plate.

Check whether there is defect on the wood. There should be no obvious knurr, crack on the bearing part of furniture like stand column and bearing strip connecting stand columns. The furniture structure and frame should be solid. There is no problem on mortise.

Observe the panel strength. The panel strength can be checked by pressing with finger. One side of the panel should be fixed by well-shaped shelf. You will feel hollow if the shelf is sparse and the panel will have strong vibration when pressing. Usually clapboard uses plywood. Large area clapboard will use five layers of plywood. The cupboard door and drawer switch should be flexible. When the panel is covered by veneer and other material, the color should be consistent with other part of the furniture. There is no crimping on the paint film of the furniture surface.

Check whether the drawer and door frame is lean or not, whether the position of tenon is skew or the hole of tenon is too large or the tenon do not joint tight. Safety and stability is the basic requirement for wood furniture. The glass on the furniture should be processed by grinding. Dressing mirror and dresser should install postnotum and fix the back of mirror with depression bar. Part of furniture like leg, drawer, cabinet door and support should be solid enough to bear weight. Push slightly one edge of furniture or sit on one side to test whether the furniture is firm.

The joint of furniture is mortice and tenon joint, tongued and grooved joint or double dowel joint. Heavy furniture should install protection block with screw on the furniture corner. Check whether the backboard is connected well.

Check the slide way and snib of furniture. The drawer should be sturdy and solid. Open the drawer, cabinet door to check whether they are flexible and connect right.

Check whether the burnishing surface and paint of furniture is smooth by touching with hand, whether there is crack and bubble on the furniture surface.

The water content of solid wood furniture should not be higher 1% of the local balanced water content, or the furniture will fall apart for expansion. Find more furniture and home improvement tips here.


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