How to Prepare a Dog for Air Travel

Dog for Air Travel

You have been avoiding it and you have been trying to find all the ways around it, but the time has come and Fido is going on a plane. Whether you have tried to find him a dog sitter for the while you are absent or if you have been too attached and don’t want to leave him behind, the result is the same: your dog is going to fly and it is it a first time. At least you can do is to prepare it for such an adventure and just hope for the best. Also, you should be prepared as well, since there is a lot of things to think about.

Dog for Air Travel


There are many papers that have to be in order for you to safely get your dog on the plane. You need to have a health certificate for your pet from a vet. They need to examine it and make sure it is suitable for flights at all. Also, make sure that the company that you are choosing pet friendly. Some companies don’t accept pets onboard, so make sure your does. After that, see what the fees for your pet are. Some of them may be allowed to travel in the cabin, while others don’t allow that and require for dogs to travel in the cargo department. Learn all there is to know about that, and get the documentation ready, arriving 2 hours earlier to the airport.


Carrier needs to be of appropriate size and with some little additions. You have to know where your dog is about to be. Also, you need to know what the sizes of the places in which the carrier needs to fit are. Prepare the carrier so that there is a spread of newspaper on the bottom in case of accidents or an old rug. Prepare some water and some food for the road and you can even tape the bag of food on the outer side of the carrier so that it can be used by the staff if your pet eats it all too soon. 


Sometimes, it happens that you and your luggage don’t arrive at the same airport at the same time. In this case, the luggage is your pet. Therefore, make sure that it is properly marked. Mark its name so that people may communicate to it more easily if it gets lost. Also, you can stick a note saying “I’m going to Miami” so that it reminds those who sort the luggage about it and minimize the space for mistakes.

Toys and Details

Your pet is about to get nervous on its trip. It will be full of strange noises and smells and people. Therefore, make sure that you do all you can to keep it feel safe. You should put some of its favorite toys inside the carrier, along with the blankey that smells like home.

Preparing your Pet in Advance

If it is not used to travelling or being alone, make sure that you train it for a while, leaving it to spend a night in a carrier or to be in a carrier while you are driving it somewhere. Gradually increase that time until you are satisfied and your dog doesn’t mind it.

However, besides the food you leave for it in the carrier, make sure you have some delicious dog food


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