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office renovating ideas

As the warmer weather kicks in, so does the urge to have a good spring clean. And that doesn’t just mean your home and garden – each springtime, offices around the country take a step back and cast a critical eye over desks bulging with paperwork and old office equipment stacked in a corner ‘just in case’.

office renovating ideas

If you’re determined to give your office a thorough spring clean, we as a skip hire in Victoria have a quick guide to help you.

Decide Which Items You Wish to Keep

Firstly, decide which items you want to keep. This should be fairly easy to determine – it’s everything you use on a regular basis or paperwork that needs to be retained for audit or financial reasons.

But it’s also a prime opportunity to give your office a makeover and establish a brand new image. Are mismatched desks really a good look? Do you need all those old pieces of electronic equipment stacked in a corner? Of course not – time to spruce things up and start afresh.

Selling Old Office Furniture and Electrical Equipment

There is a range of dealers specialising in second-hand office furniture, while many charities are also grateful for donations.

Re-selling odd pieces of furniture is unlikely to bring you large amounts of money, so if you only have the odd piece, you may be better donating those to charity. But if you have a set of pieces in good condition, such as chairs or desks, you should be able to find a buyer.

Likewise, working office electrical equipment, especially IT equipment, has a decent resale value. Alternatively, some charities have the means to refurbish IT equipment for schools, community projects or to send to third world countries.

Hiring a Skip

If you have a lot of bulky, heavy equipment that isn’t good enough to be sold or donated to charity, then your best option is to hire a skip.

A quick Google search or an enquiry to your local council will give you a list of reputable companies operating in your area. Before hiring a skip, it’s essential to check they are a registered waste carrier who has the ability to remove and dispose of your waste in a safe and proper manner.

If the skip hire company fly-tips your waste, you’re legally held responsible for this, because you have employed them, and you may be liable for a hefty fine.


Ensure the skip company you employ has a reputation for recycling. Most office furniture is composed of wood and metal which, even if broken, can be recycled to make new materials and make your business go green.

If you have old paperwork, make sure that you have shredded anything that contains sensitive or confidential information.

Any waste electronics and electrical equipment (WEEE) is considered hazardous waste, and its disposal is a specialist area and one that’s highly regulated. This includes the removal of computer equipment, fax machines, printers, air-conditioning units, fire extinguishers and fridges.

Some skip hire companies are able to deal with this on your behalf, but it’s your responsibility to check their paperwork and see evidence of where the WEEE is being taken.

For more information on hiring a skip to help spring clean your office, contact ProSkips for a no-obligation chat.


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