Chic Maternity Wear for the Women on the Go

Maternity Wear for the Women

Finding chic maternity wear has always been one of the challenges that confront expectant mothers. An expectant mother’s figure is a beautiful one because it symbolizes new life and the fullness of womanhood. However, this blessed state does come with certain requirements that not all clothing manufacturers are able to cater to. Fortunately, an excellent option has been made possible by Fertile Mind, a truly pro-woman company.

Maternity Wear for the Women

A new item available from Fertile Mind is the ultimate black dress for pregnant women. Made by Séraphine, a manufacturer devoted to mothers and babies, the dress has several features that make it an essential addition to the wardrobe of women who know that being pregnant does not exempt them from social activities, business functions, and other similar affairs.

Apart from being a timeless classic, the Séraphine Renee LS has other totally endearing features.

  • This is made of modal jersey made with reconstituted cellulose fibers and rayon. This composition makes the fabric colorfast, shrink-resistant, and more water-absorbent than cotton or ordinary jersey. This dress is ultra soft and smooth – something pregnant women will appreciate.
  • The fluid and flowing design of this dress flatters baby bumps without making the wearer look heavy. If anything, the outfit actually succeeds in creating a svelte and willowy outline, and this is bonus all pregnant women will truly appreciate.
  • The dress features a crossover V neckline which gives a woman’s shoulders a graceful but well-defined silhouette. In addition, this neckline is an ingenious way of providing an extremely adjustable bodice that will accommodate changes in breast measurement as the date with the stork draws near.
  • This is one of the dresses that can be worn to different types of occasions.  With a triple strand of pearls, a pair of dangling earrings, and perhaps a fancy hairdo, this dress would fit right in with the gala crowd. Businesslike accessories, such as a scarf, will make it totally appropriate for countless formal meetings. It is a truly versatile dress!
  • Who needs a dress that you have to bring to the cleaners or treat with extra care? Certainly not pregnant women! The long-sleeved, knee length Séraphine Renee LS may be elegant and chic, but it is also an easy care outfit.

Maternity wear rarely combines comfort and style seamlessly, but this dress certainly does. A lot of women have to live with maternity clothes that only highlight approaching motherhood. This classic wraparound in elegant and versatile black manages to show the world that the expectant mother is also a sophisticated and self-fulfilled individual.

Available in size 3 to 12, this outfit is so cleverly cut it can be worn virtually throughout pregnancy because it adjusts to the constant changes in a pregnant woman’s body. What’s more, it is so comfortable and stylish it can be worn in the first few months after a woman gives birth.

This is definitely a feel good dress, and every pregnant woman deserves to feel good and to look as good as she feels.


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