Give your home a luxury look for selling success

luxury home decorating ideas

It’s about that time of year now where people are looking to sell up and move home. We think one of the simplest and easiest things to do is to have luxury spruce up, this won’t cost a huge amount but may take up some of your time. It will be worth it as this make over could make a great difference when buyers come and view your property, it can result in a speedy sale.

luxury home decorating ideas

We as an estate agent in Notting Hill have highlighted some tips on taking your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Adding drapes

You can make your ceiling look higher by simply adding drapes. Hanging floor to ceiling curtains can really give your home an instant luxury look.

Remember to hang the curtains as close to the ceiling as possible and allow them to hang just above the floor, we don’t want them touching as it could look shabby and certainly don’t want viewers falling all over them!

Adding artwork

Something which will stand out on your walls is a set of oversized artwork. In many luxury homes feature walls is a place to showcase a collection of artwork from some of the most famous artists, or can include family photos. This will stand out to your viewers and give them an insight into how they could dress their walls with frames and pictures.

Adding cushions

Cushions are a great way to jazz up your living room and keep it up to date. Cushions are a fashion accessory, so try mixing them up with a variety of sizes, fabric, colours, design and textures. We guarantee you will notice the difference and feel to the room.


Did you know that vanilla is though to be the smell of luxury? Scattering small and large candles around your home will create a sense of comfort and warmth. You can also include large flower centrepieces in certain parts of your home.

Statement lights

Statement lights don’t have to be expensive to look expensive. Look online or in magazines for ideas of different statement lights available. We suggest looking into chandeliers. Chandeliers can look really elegant over a dining room table or in the entrance to your home. You can also spruce up the bedrooms by adding in new lamp.

Adding rugs

For those of you with hard flooring, adding lavish, soft, deep rugs will give your home that stylish look. Large rugs are also nice as centre pieces in a room, particularly in the living room.

We’ve given you our help, now it’s your time to start decorating your home!


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