Ways to Improve Your Business Visibility

business visibility

The fact you have an amazing product up your sleeve unfortunately doesn’t mean much if you don’t have the right campaign to advertise it. No need to stress as we are about to advise you on best ways to improve your business’s visibility.

business visibility

1. Be flashy with your label

Even though it sounds as the most obvious thing to do, most people usually forget it. Mostly, accent is placed on advertising the product itself without advertising its label. Since all of us have a problem with be objective with what us ourselves have created, it’s time you ask someone to give you an objective opinion on how your sign looks. Have several opinions from different people.  Write their suggestions down and have an expert in the field of marketing deal with the re-branding or fixing of your current label.

2. Don’t shy away from proper advertising

Advertising is a wide notion. Apart from re-branding (or branding your product in the first place), there are whole teams of people behind widely known labels. So, let experts do their magic and improve your visibility. The way to do this is usually through:

a)      Smart and intense campaigns (visual and written)

b)      Banners

c)      Promotional materials (such as T-shirts, new type of mugs, a bonus product with the other one already bought, coupons, etc)

d)     Fliers

e)      Internet campaigns (yourtube and vimeo commercials, etc)

f)       Graphics on vehicles (stickers, vinyl graphics, etc)

When you are open to sharing promotional materials, the customer knows you want to show them you are ready to spend your own money and give them the chance to first try out your product before they decide to become your long-term customers.

3. Chain e-mails

E-mails are a non-cost, great way to reach your customers and keep them update with what’s new within your product. Not only you enhance customer relationship this way but your also increase sales. The key to chain e-mailing is to be smart about the way you do it. Rule is never to bore your customer; e-mail no more than two times a month. Also, e-mail only those customers that have accepted to receive the e-mails. And, the most important of all: be concise, relevant and you’ll see response rates climb.

4. Marriage mail

Reach your customers through a marriage mail. Send your coupon or ad through a joint mailing with other advertisers. These marriage mails are an affordable alternative to stand-alone direct mail. Our suggestion is trying Valpak – they design, print and mail billions of adds a year and are known to be really successful.

5. Promotional material and customer rewards

You know how everybody loves things that come for free, right? Well, make sure you are the one to give your customers just that. You don’t need to buy them a ticket to Hawaii but just a small token of appreciation for being your customers. It is believed that winning a new customer is much harder than retaining an old one. Still, despite what marketers say you need to appreciate every customer you have and work hard to keep them or get them. So, awarding your customers with some promotional material may just be the way to do it. If, for example, you are in business with cosmetics – have beauty bags as a reward for each bought product that goes to a certain amount. If what the customer buys exceeds a certain figure, award with bigger token – say a perfume after their own desire, a mascara, powder, foundation or anything they would normally stop and think whether to buy or not as it is rather expensive. If they purchase very little, award them with a mug or a shirt with your brand printed on.


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