How to choose the right leotard for your body


The first ever leotard was introduced by a French acrobat called Jules Léotard (hence the name). Although they were originally worn by men, leotards nowadays are widely used by women gymnasts, figure skaters and other athletes all over the world.


In a competition, a good leotard can make all the difference between winning and losing. But choosing a leotard is not as easy as it might sound especially considering that each individual body is different. This means that you cannot simply walk into a store, see a leotard that’s your size and buy it. There are many things you need to take into consideration when making your choice. For example:

1. Shoulders
If you have broad shoulders that you want to play down, consider buying a pinched camisole or a cap sleeved boat neck leotard.

If you decide to go with a boat neck, it will help emphasize your collarbone and the cap sleeves will easily blend your shoulders in with your torso.

A pinched or V-front camisole leotard will flatter you in a way very similar to the way the boat neck leotard will. The pinch front of the camisole leotard will help draw attention away from your shoulders.

In order to avoid the opposite effect you should stay away from halter leotards. They tend to draw attention to the shoulders making them look even wider than they are.

2. Bust
If you have a large bust you’ll have to be very careful when choosing a leotard. Some leotards emphasize the wrong area and constantly shift around. In order to avoid this issue you should go for a leotard with a conservative neckline and shelf support.

It is also better to choose a leotard with thick straps as thin ones can draw attention to your chest.

3. Hips
If you are gifted with wider hips, you can easily emphasize other areas of your body such as the shoulders. This effect can be achieved by wearing an open neck leotard. You can also choose one that has a print or a combination of colors on the top.

Leotards to avoid include ones in a solid color with bare or plain necklines which will draw attention to the bottom half of your body. This is what you are trying to avoid in the first place.

4. Arms
If your arms are not your best assets and are relatively short, you can still pick a leotard to highlight other parts of your body. A good idea is to choose a sleeveless leotard that has a lower neckline and thin straps. This will make your whole upper body look longer and more beautiful.

You can also play around with colors in order to extend your body lines. In this case you should go for neutral tones and colors such as peachy pink for example.

5. Legs
Short legs can also be a very annoying problem for dancers. If you want to make your legs appear to be longer you should choose a leotard with a higher leg line.

One type of leotards you should stay away from if you have short legs is the biketard. It will help you achieve the opposite effect and make your legs look even shorter than they already are.

As you can see there are many things you need to take into consideration regarding your body type before you go shopping for a leotard. You should also make sure your leotard is made of high quality fabrics and stays in place when you move around and dance. For a wide selection of high quality leotards of all kinds, check out Snowflake Designs.


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