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There are many reasons why you should be concerned for the health and the wellbeing of your employees. First of all, there are the most humane and the most altruistic motives for such feelings because you certainly want people around you to be well and healthy. As their employer, you can do something about it, so you should. However, there are the more practical and pragmatic reasons for this concern as well. Ill people don’t perform the best they could. They constantly stay off work which distributes their responsibilities to others, which may be bad for them as well. Therefore, concerning about their health is their responsibility, but yours as well. Here are some of the ways you can do this.

 Business Place

Create Healthy Environment

One thing you can do for sure is to make your office a place that is as healthy as possible. Firstly, this means that you should avoid all the toxic chemicals during the decoration of the office. This includes using eco-friendly wall paint, natural cleaning products and the like. Besides that, make healthy snacks available for your workers as lunch option. If you are in position to do that, you should make a gym in your building and some showers to allow your workers some physical activity during breaks. As far as the office furniture goes, make sure it is ergonomic or even have standing desks available as an option for your workers.

Promote Healthy Lifestyle

There are many ways in which you can promote a healthy lifestyle among your coworkers. Give rewards for those who quit smoking or organize jogging or hiking trips together. Also, you can provide some free and random health checks for those who want them and award those who have the best results. There are many ideas about this healthy lifestyle promotions that can be very effective.

Educate Employees on Healthy Lifestyle

Some of those who work for you would gladly make some healthy adjustments for their lifestyle but they simply don’t know when or where to start. You can offer seminars on healthy diet or exercise for your employees once a month or whenever you like. This will not add up much on annual level, but it may just encourage and educate some of your employees to be more healthy and conscious about their minds and bodies.

Help to Make a Healthier Community

Don’t stop with your organization or company. It is hard to be healthy in an environment that isn’t that way. Therefore, participate in the local events and community happenings that promote this kind of lifestyle. This will make your company image be perceived as positive and it will send the message to your workers that you are really serious about the whole lifestyle business. That will work double fold for you, so if you have the time or resources, organize such events yourself as well, asking your employees to volunteer or participate as well.

Good diet, regular exercise, health consciousness and carefully designed office make good environment for a productive and well organized company with happy, dedicated and energetic employees. Try to do all you can to make them that way by using some of the tips offered to you here. They are coming from the experience of many companies.


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