Good ways to enjoy life on low income

enjoy life

With a low income, it may not be able to possible to buy a big house, a huge car or have lunch in expensive hotels but that does not mean that a low income could deny us good ways of enjoying life to the maximum. Here are some tips to live life to the fullest even on frugal income.

enjoy life

  1. Buy fodstuff and daily needed commodities from discount stores or seconds stores. Make sure that the quality of the food is good and it is fit for humans. The money saved could be put in piggy bank for future use.
  2. Buy clothes from the Salvation Army- they are good and could be well used. This saves having to purchase costly items from expensive stores which one may not be able to afford on low incomes.
  3. Change to a small flat or apartment with less space. This not only saves on room energy costs but also less maintenance and overhead costs. In the long run, rentals, mortgage bills, electricity and maintenance would be lesser and more manageable.
  4. Use public transportation instead of cars or bikes. They are not only comfortable but also economical and cheaper than other modes of going and coming from work. If one could share public transport with other travellers, all the well again.
  5.   Better to carry food from home rather than eat outside. Breakfast, lunch and dinner could be cooked together to save energy costs and stored in fridges for later use.
  6. Medicines could be brought from discount stores or some other place which dispenses free or concessional medicines for low income people.
  7. Maximum benefit of Social Security could be used and if necessary, some Medicaid or Medicare Insurance could be taken in case of medical treatment and expenses, includes servicing of hospitalization, surgery costs etc.
  8.  Challenge one regarding the amount of money one could save in a month. Make a mental note of the budgeted savings, and check at the end of the month whether actual savings has been less, more or just the budgeted amount. Make necessary adjustments and push yourself to save for the rainy days.
  9. There is no harm in making community yard sale wherein you sell old clothes and other items which would otherwise have been given off as giveaways. Add this money to your savings and make a tidy amount for future. Also take the help of neighbors and friends for the success of such community yard sales.
  10. In order to make extra money it is also advisable to do some sewing and knitting for others or set up small tailoring shop to supplement incomes. Tailoring work is very good especially during festive seasons and handsome gains could result.
  11.   Finally, draw regular budgets for household, personal and other expenses and make sure that the expenses match with incomes. In the event of no matches, it becomes necessary to review priorities and scale down some non priority expenses and trim them to match low incomes

One should not deny oneself the pleasure and joys of incomes just because incomes are low. It is only important that proper checks and balances are made, and everything needs to be done in small scale basis instead of large scale.

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