Garden Design Basics – Elements that Make Your Garden Interesting


There are broadly two elements that you need to focus on while designing a garden. One is aesthetics and the other is the health of the garden. We will quickly look at the various design aspects that influence aesthetics and health of the garden.


Elements to Focus on to Render a Designer Look to your Garden

1) Selecting the plants

A good garden is the one that looks good throughout the year. If your garden has flowers that bloom in just one season, it will look drab for the rest of the year. So make sure that there is a good mix of plants that give your garden the desired color, contrast and balance throughout the year. Also use a mix of both perennials and annuals so that your garden blooms in summers and remains green throughout the year.

2) Lay an outline of the various elements

You need to decide on the various types of trees, shrubs and flowers that you would like to have in your garden. While making a choice, the objective should be to achieve pattern, balance, contrast, proportion and unity. These are the metrics that define a beautiful garden.

  • Balance

To strike the right balance make sure the type of flowers/trees/shrubs planted on each side of an imaginary axis are equal. These need not be mathematically equal but the intention is that the attention of a person does not get fixed on one side of the garden. For instance, if one side has a large tree, you may plant three mid-sized trees on the other side, so that a person’s attention gets equally divided.

  • Contrast

Contrast is important as it adds to the viewing pleasure, but beware too much of it can be disturbing. Contrast also helps avoid a monotonous look. Contrast can be created by using plants of varying colors, textures and forms.

  • Pattern

Pattern adds to the charm of your garden by giving the garden a rhythm. It magnifies the viewing pleasure that you achieve by creating the right contrast and balance. To create a good pattern you need to think about shapes, light and shadow as the important elements.

  • Proportion

Proportion is important as a 40-feet high tree placed in courtyard could seem out of place. Hence, while choosing size of the plants make sure they are arranged such that they do not lead to odd proportions and dwarf others elements in a garden.

  • Unity

You get a sense of unity or completeness when the important principles discussed above are achieved in a balanced and harmonious manner.

3) Aesthetic elements

While trees and flowers are fundamental features of a garden and its true beauty, you can enhance the look of your garden by adding certain elements. You can create a focal point in your garden by adding features such as fountains and statues. Use of festive lights, decorative pebbles, designer benches and other such features can also make your garden more artistic and attractive. You can get plethora of landscape supplies from various online stores which will increase the aesthetic appeal of your garden and make gardening even more interesting.

Elements to Focus on to Make your Garden Healthy So That It Blooms

1) Picking the right place for the plants

For the proper growth of the plants, it is important that the right quantum of light reaches the plants. So you need to pick up a spot for each plant that ensure abundant lighting for the right duration during a day.

2) Manage the soil quality

Good soil quality will help the plants bloom and enhance the beauty of your garden. You can choose to add necessary nutrients to the soil. A way to achieve this is to add a layer of compost and other organic material like dry leaves to the soil. You can either dig the soil to add the compost or even lay it over the soil surface. If you do not dig the soil, it will take time for the nutrients to penetrate the soil.

3) Add mulch to keep the weeds out

Weeds not only compete with the plants for soil nutrition but also adversely impact the beauty of the garden. You can avoid weeds by covering the soil with a layer of mulch. Choose the right type of mulch to suit your plants.

We hope that these ideas will help you create a better garden. If there are some gardening tips, tricks, or ideas that have worked out well for you, please share with us in the comments!


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