Tips on Placing Dining Table for Small Dining Room

dining table for small dining room

In this particular about delicious food times, dining table is becoming more and more important. The modern design for the kitchen not only pays attention to the appearance, but also melts in many functional factors. Therefore, how to choose a suitable table? Melodyhome gives you some suggestions.

dining table for small dining room

1. Take consideration of Family Members and Dining Room Space before buying Dining Table

For normally saying, if your home have spacious open or half open dining room, you can pick the 1.6×0.8m middle sized dining table. For the style, you had better choose the one with decorous feeling. If the dining room space is comparatively narrow, you might as well put a long and narrow dining table at the places which lean to wall or window (had better not in front of the door) and put chairs on the other side. In this way, the space would looks bigger. Meanwhile, you could choose the small transparency glass table. The table chairs pick the fold ones. For the families without separate dining room, you might as well pick the fold dining table. If you often ask people to dinner in your home, you had better pick the one retractable dining table. This kind of table has active board. You can take it off or put it in the middle of the table when you do not use it.

2. Consider whether the Dining Table Style Corresponds to the Furnishing Decorating Style

If your home decorating style is comparatively orthodox, you had better choose the woody dining table with smooth lines and gentle corners. If your home decorating style is simple and abstract, you could choose the one with glass face or irregular style. The shape of the dining table can influence the home furnishing atmosphere, either. For the rectangle dining table, it is suitable for large gatherings. It is very practical. While surrounded in a round dining table eating, it can give you a feeling of warm. Triangle, comma etc irregular dining table cover can lean to the corners. It can save the space. Therefore, it is very suitable for the families with less people.

3. Consider Material of Flooring for Dining Room

If your home decorated with woody flooring, you should avoid pick the one with huge and heavy dining table to keep the flooring from scratching. Or you may add the foot laggings for the foot.

Except from these basic elements, Melodyhome suggest that, if your home decorated with open style kitchen, you might as well take the western countries’ design as examples. For example, you do not buy dining table separately, but make a bar counter on the operate desk through the metal brackets. This kind of bar is not only practicable, but also can spice up your life.


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