14 Helpful Tips to Stay Safe During Diamond Drilling

Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is said to be one of the most efficient methods of core drillings. It is extremely effective in extracting solid core from depths. This process makes use of actual diamond bits and is considered to be beneficial because:

– It gives a good speed.

– It creates minimal noise thereby reducing noise pollution.

– It can cut through tough materials.

– It prevents materials from cracking or chipping.

Diamond Drilling

Apart from the above listed advantages, safety is considered another advantage of this drilling method. But, it is next to impossible to completely eliminate hazards associated with drilling operations.

However, one can at least mitigate possibilities of accidents by following safety measures and taking proper precautions. Listed below are some tips that can come in handy in mitigating hazards during diamond drills.

Safety Tips for Diamond Core Drilling

– Before fitting adaptors and core drill, make sure that the shaft is clean and does not contain debris.

– Do take care to clear debris from time to time. Too much debris can cause overheating and jamming and can possibly damage the drill.

– Hammer action should be completely avoided during diamond core drilling. Also, operators should not force the core drill.

– In case the core drill slows down, operator should check whether the speed set is suitable for drilling material and for the drill diameter.

– During wet drilling, operators should ensure that the rig is placed securely. They should also make sure that they get consistent water supply during the operation.

Wearing and using protective equipment during diamond drilling is very important. Some of them include well-fitted clothes, specially designed safety glasses with side shields, special hat, proper eye, ear and head protection, good footwear and gloves. One should use only high quality protective equipment. Also, do not wear too loose or too tight clothes. They should be custom-made as per your specifications.

– Ensure that rpm is well adjusted. For instance, usually, a high rpm is preferred for soft material with a small diameter core. But, if the diameter is large, then you will have to adjust the rpm accordingly.

– Drilling companies should always equip the job site with ample supplies of first aid kits. It is also important that first aid kits should meet requirements and guidelines of job site location. In addition, they should contain appropriate items that can be used for treatment of minor & major injuries.

– Drilling companies should ensure that operations are performed under experts’ supervision.

– Besides providing training operations, companies should also train their operators to perform at least basic first aid tasks. In case any injury occurs, at least basic first aid can be administered to the wounded person until help arrives. However, if there is some serious injury, one should immediately seek help without wasting time.

– Field experts should ensure that all operators strictly follow safety methods mentioned by the company. This will minimize risks in the workplace.

– One should check and ensure that the drilling machine is locked properly so that it does not move from its place. Further, drilling machine should be not operated by any person who doesn’t properly know to commence and end the operation.

– A person who is not keeping well should not perform drilling tasks.

– One should be free from the influence of alcohol or drugs during drilling operations.

By following above safety measures, minor and fatal injuries can be prevented. Apart from the given tips, companies should also follow diamond drilling safety manuals. Besides containing general safety rules, these manuals contain additional information on electrical safety and safety work practices.

Industries and individuals who want to hire diamond drilling services should make sure that they hire such services only from renowned companies like Cutloose Demolition. Hiring a good company will ensure proper safety at the job site along with high performance at work.


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