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Interior Design

It is the dream of every house owner to have a magnificent house that all the onlookers will appreciate. They want to decorate their dream house with the dreamy beauty, which will make it eye catching and collect a lot of praise for the owner. The owner wants every corner of this house to be an elegant and radiate beauty. All parts of the house are important, and thus, people want to carve them as per their imagination. From the porch to the bedroom, every single part reflects the style of living of the house owner.

Interior Design

With the help of the latest technology and development of infrastructural intelligence, it is possible to give any building that unique look, which was only a dream in old times. There are many designs available to decorate a simple house and convert it into a magnificent masterpiece. But there are people who do not have sufficient money to fulfil their dream of designing their homes with expensive material and designs.

But a scarcity or shortage of money need not be the reason to overshadow the willingness of decorating one’s house. There are options, which take care of this budget issue for these people. One of these options is the mineral fiber ceiling boards. These provide a low cost elegance to any place.

Interior Design

How boards are prepared?

There are many mineral fiber ceiling board manufacturers in India that provide good quality boards at a reasonable price. These manufacturers use a number of items to create the boards. The basic material used to manufacture these boards is mineral cotton. This is filled with other material along with starch binder. One other thing, which is required, is the liquid fiber. Everything is mixed together at a specific high temperature. It is necessary for the process to be error free to manufacture a good quality ceiling board. These boards are, then, used to create beautiful ceiling at a reasonable price.


The success of these mineral fiber ceiling boards lies with their multipurpose use. These boards are quite popular in the market for house decoration. In the older times, ceiling was considered as a part of the house, which was most difficult to decorate. But in modern times, with these low cost mineral fiber ceiling boards, it is possible to provide building a glorious look. It can be done easily by fixing a panel structure for starting the work. This panel structure is, then, attached to the original ceiling. Once this is done, the boards can be fitted into this structure.

One can find a number of designs and varieties in these boards. There are various colors among which people can choose to depend upon their choice or the theme of decoration. There are various manufacturers of these boards that provide a wide variety for people to choose from. The best part about these decorative boards is that these are fireproof, and can be taken as a long term investment. One should not be worried about the fire hazard if there are wirings on the original ceiling, and the boards are placed over it.

Author’s Bio: Above article is created by a professional interior designer who is currently working for www.dexune.com as an analyst studying the trends in the industry.


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