How to Choose the Wedding Earrings

wedding earrings

Yes it may be true that almost all guests will be asking endlessly about your wedding and engagement rings during your wedding day, however, other jewellery pieces are still essential to complete your enchanting bridal look. Depending on your personal taste, the cut and style of your dress, your hair, necklace, bracelet and necklace will also matter. A lot of brides-to-be often take their wedding day earrings for granted, however, if you think about it, the earrings frame the face which is the most taken photograph during the event. With that thought, you also need to think twice when choosing your earrings.

wedding earrings

Finding the best earrings depends on different factors like your theme, style and of course face shape. The earrings must complement the bride’s dress as well as the other accessories without too much investment. There are a lot of options especially when the world of online shopping has been made available.  Before finding your wedding earrings, you need to identify which earring style works best for your face shape. Here is a quick guide:

1. Round Faces

If you have the width and length of your face seems to be the same measure, then you most likely fall under this category. Round faced individuals will do well to choose pieces that offer the illusion of a longer face. The best option would be drop earrings to elongate your face. Steer clear from hoop earring as this make your face look wider.

2. Oval Faces

If you have been gifted with a symmetrical and balanced face shape then you belong in this category. Lucky your because any kind of earring will flatter you, wearing even the simplest pearl earring will make you look good and stand out.

3. Square Faces

Individuals who are square faced usually look very tough and have strong features. Add a touch of femininity by going for teardrop earrings that end just beside the length of your chin to soften the jaw line. It is best to avoid edgy earrings like stars that accentuate the square face.

4. Inverted Triangle

If you have a wide forehead and small chin you are under this category. Even out the symmetry of your features by opting hoop or chandelier earrings.

5. Oblong Face

Individuals who have a narrow and long face are a part of this category. Balance out your features by adding width to your face with the help of hoop earrings.

silver earrings

Now that you know the earring styles that will complement and frame your face nicely, here are a couple tips you can follow when out wedding earrings shopping.

  • Use what you have. Think of ways to incorporate your family jewels on your special day. Perhaps your grandmother has stones that can be made into earrings or an ear cuff.
  • Choose complementing pieces. You have to consider your look as a whole, if you are wearing a diamond encrusted necklace or bracelet it will be well to choose the same finish for your earrings.
  • Think of the dress. The wedding dress also has embellishments and these must also be considered when choosing your earrings. Examples of stones and embellishments that go well together are diamonds and crystals or zirconia and sequins.
  • Other factors. Your hair, headpiece and necklace greatly affect your earring choice. Chunky, chandelier or drop designs look fabulous when hair is let down. On the other hand, simple studs or minimal designed hoops are just the right choice dramatic necklaces or with embellished pieces like veils and tiaras.


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