The 10 Best Eco-Lodges and Resorts in Ecuador


Ecuador is fortunate enough to have a slice of the great Amazon Forest. The hospitality industry has not taken this for granted and have built jungle lodges that combine scenic and adventurous escapades to travelers who have intentions of exploring the jungle while at the same time conserving the environment and doing research on it Some prefer to call them isolated wonderlands of Ecuador.


 Sani Lodge

Civilization and Sani Lodge do not seem to go hand in hand. This magnificent Eco-lodge that utilizes the oxbow lake at the end of a tributary of the Rio Napo River relies purely on solar energy to power their electrical appliances. A tour around this amazing lodge exposes you to the wild animals on the water and on land. They are quite a number because of the serene and peaceful environment offered by the lodge.

 Napo wildlife Center

This lodge is located in Ecuador National Park. This gives it a clear advantage over its competitors because access to other wild animals is not limited. Wide varieties are at your disposal as a traveler. There are close to 565 bird species and 11 monkey species that you will be on task to view during your stay at this lodge.


Hacienda Cusin

Besides the beautiful San Pablo Lake, sits this unique restaurant that offers the best food and accommodation in the area From the lodge delightful vegetation and the volcano views will not fail to capture your attention.

Hacienda Zuleta

The association of horses with the rich shows itself again in this magnificent entrance plaza. President Gabo Plaza and his family have ties to this lodge to date. Here, you will experience excellent horse riding and a large horse and cattle farm as you spend your visit in big classy rooms enjoying the finest family-style meals.


This is more than just a jungle lodge. The spa here offers more when it comes to cure and treatment. Besides, the lodge utilizes sculpted art to do the decorations around it The fact that it is close to the shores of Rio Blanco makes the experience and adventure around here one of a kind.


Kapawi Ecolodge and Reserve

Nothing brings out the great Amazon Rainforest experience like this Eco-lodge. The accommodation is great. Cabins built on stilts over the black-water lagoon and amazing food will make your stay all natural and exotic as you interact with the villagers from Achuar Tribe.

Yachna lodge, Coca

You will only get here using a canoe, either motorized or the traditional one This lodge that is keen to maintain the cooking of the Amazon offers more than just a place to stay. The 140 species of plants that grow in their botanic garden has attracted scientist to this lodge.

 Sacha Lodge, Quito

Bird watching and nature hikes will make your stay at the hotel worthwhile. It is located close to the Yasuini Natural Park. The comfortable rooms will protect you from the wild outdoor landscape. Here, 40 breeds of butterfly are bred for scientific study.

 Black sheep Inn Chugchilan, Cotopaxi.

This naturally built hotel from renewable materials like rocks, adobe, grass and eucalyptus boasts for its zero waste output. All waste is treated outside before being exposed to the plants. Besides good accommodation and food, a spa and sauna make up the extra services provided by the management. Hacienda Rumilorna, Quito.

This lodge that overlooks the capital city of Ecuador is known for its famous 45 minutes llama trek in the morning after which breakfast is served at the lookout point. Local crafts, paintings and antiques fill up their spacious rooms’ design.

Apply for a Ecuador visa and book your stay in one of these world class Eco-lodges to experience the jungle at your footstep. If you have a Turkish Visa, you will not require a Ecuador Visa.


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