The Benefits of Using a Dedicated Server

dedicated server

A dedicated server, sometimes called a managed hosting server, is a means of internet hosting for websites in which clients will lease the entire server that is not shared by anyone else. There are advantages with this type of hosting as it is designed to offer better, overall control and can be managed in a more professional manner.

dedicated server

The use of dedicated servers is quite common for businesses, particularly large companies and corporations who want maximum control, flexibility and security over their website operations. While there are differences in the prices, a dedicated server being considerably more expensive, it also comes with added support and increased attention by the web hosting provider as well. The provider will oversee many of the features that these types of servers offer, such as storage, memory, security and effective support as well.

The service provided by the web host provider is that of being proactive in seeking out new features to add to the server so that it can be improved over time. In addition, the servers are housed in a data facility that uses redundant power sources, HVAC systems to maintain the environment and has a staff of technicians to quickly handle any issue that may arise.

The Advantages of Using a Dedicated Server

There are a number of benefits that having a dedicated server provides for a business. For many companies, having a dedicated server is a “must-have” in order to handle all the responsibilities that it must carry out for their clients.

1. Security

This is arguably the most important reason for large companies and corporations to have a dedicated server. Because it is not being shared by any other business or entrepreneur, the chances of the server being compromised are greatly reduced. Furthermore, the hosting company can spend considerably more time installing new security software to maximize the protection for the company or corporation.

2. Control

With shared servers, making changes for one business often affected the others that were on the server. However, by having the server being used by only one client, new changes are far easier to make and only disrupt the business using the server for a short period of time.

3. High Performance

The actions of other businesses and entrepreneurs on the server can slow the entire system down depending on their needs. However, with only one business on a dedicated server everything speeds up considerably. This can be quite beneficial for web businesses that have a high volume of traffic as there are fewer ways in which the overall service can slow down.

4. Stability of Email System

The internal email system on a dedicated server is much more secure and less likely to have difficulties in security thanks to everything being on the same server. This increases the overall reliability of the email system and means it is less likely to be infected or destabilized by outside forces.

A dedicated server is generally considerably more expensive than a normal shared server that has several businesses, entrepreneurs and so forth having their websites hosted on the same computer. Still, the overall advantages of the dedicated server make it the perfect choice for businesses that want higher security, control and overall better performance of their website.


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